Gamification: Evidence on its Effectiveness After the Hype

    Author: Jordi Moretón Galí >> @jordimgali Spanish Version / Versión en Castellano: Descarga The hype that surrounded Gamification visually materialized in 2011 when it appeared for the first time in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. In 2013 was already in the Peak of Inflated Expectations zone and this year 2014 it’s in the Trough of […]

Eros & Thanatos. Some other gamification profiles

    Author: Flavio Escribano >> @ludictador Spanish Version / Versión en Castellano: Descarga “At the time when the Eros and the Thanatos meet each other a new sexuality dimension awakens inside the subject who -at the limit act of death- finds the key to the profound and absolute experience of desire” (González-Molina, 2013: p22) In gamification […]