Gamification Model Canvas Framework. Evolution. Part 1/2

Authors: Flavio Escribano >> @ludictador Jordi Moretón Galí >> @jordimgali Spanish version / Versión en castellano: Descargar *This article continues on “Gamification Model Canvas Framework. Evolution. Part 2/2” According to provided information until 2015 the Gamification Model Canvas framework (GMC) has been used by more than 16,000 gamificators from more than 180 different countries. Canvas author and Gamification company AIWIN’s CEO Sergio […]

Tourism Gamification and Sustainability

Author:  Jordi Moretón Galí >> @jordimgali Spanish version / Versión en castellano: Descarga eTUR2020 and Tourism Gamification In 2015 project eTUR2020 began, for which we have been subcontracted by Compartia to provide support in analizing gamification in the tourism sector, in designing gamification strategies and in researching emergent gamification standards in the sector. The first project deliverable […]

3DWire 2015: Gamification Results

Authors: Flavio Escribano >> @ludictador & Jordi Moretón Galí >> @jordimgali Spanish version / Versión en castellano: Descarga Gamifying 3DWire 3DWire is an annual event for animation and digital audiovisual production (New Media, ICT and Videogames) held in Segovia (Spain) that brings together lots of professionals, both national and international. The creator and organizer of the event is Paramotion Films, a production […]

Gamification Model Canvas (Evolution)

**[12/04/2016 update] Please, check the recent results of the evolutions here: Gamification Model Canvas Framework. Evolution. Part 1/2 Gamification Model Canvas Framework. Evolution. Part 2/2 — Sergio Jiménez and sign an agreement to collaborate in researching on new evolutions of “Gamification Model Canvas Framework”. [Spanish version below – versión en castellano más abajo] In its […]

Research & Innovation Experience in BadgeCulture

Spanish version here In 2013, was contracted by Compartia to participate in Badgeculture innovation project, an initiative in which Marinva also has participated, supported by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of the Spanish Government through the Acción Estratégica Economía y Sociedad Digital (AEESD) funding programme. It’s important to highlight that the objective […]

Smart Cities, Citizen Participation & Gamification. A Starcraftian model.

A research on urban creativity and innovation and the potential uses of gamification to facilitate public participation processes. Playable concepts such as Playable Cities and Smart Cities, in addition to artistic and recreational initiatives that can provide relevant conclusions are reviewed.   Author Flavio Escribano > @ludictador Reviewer: Jordi Moretón Galí >> @jordimgali Spanish version here   […]

Gamification examples. TV News

/English In May the team of “Generació Digital”, a channel C33’s tv show (link), visited our offices to talk about Gamification and BadgeCulture project, in which we participated as tourism & culture gamification researchers. Digital Generation is a weekly program about technology, entertainment and digital culture that has a wide following among Catalan viewers (its Twitter account has […]

An example of an event’s gamification with Line@ app

Author Flavio Escribano > @ludictador Spanish Version here Download the Full Report here Introduction On April 23th, we participated on the INNGames 2015 videogames festival to test a very innovative system called LINE@ in order to research gamification experiences with this app. The challenge consisted of gamifying one event’s workshop attended by very active groups […]

Normification: Social Norms and Competitive Gamification

Author: Jordi Moretón Galí >> @jordimgali Spanish Version / Versión en Castellano: Descarga As in an old article we wrote circa 2013 we talked about motivation theories (link), in this one we’ll focus on theories about social norms, captivated by the lecture of an interesting article and an example of an engagement platform which exploits these norms. Social […]