Research & Innovation Experience in BadgeCulture

Spanish version here In 2013, was contracted by Compartia to participate in Badgeculture innovation project, an initiative in which Marinva also has participated, supported by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of the Spanish Government through the Acción Estratégica Economía y Sociedad Digital (AEESD) funding programme. It’s important to highlight that the objective […]

Gamification examples. TV News

/English In May the team of “Generació Digital”, a channel C33’s tv show (link), visited our offices to talk about Gamification and BadgeCulture project, in which we participated as tourism & culture gamification researchers. Digital Generation is a weekly program about technology, entertainment and digital culture that has a wide following among Catalan viewers (its Twitter account has […]

Will Open Badges help to map the human knowledge?

    Author: Flavio Escribano >> @ludictador Spanish Version / Versión en Castellano Download *This concept was presented on the Open Badges Community Project Call, October 8, 2014. Slides available here.  Atomization and Fragmentation is one of the most common problems in Badge usage. On one hand because it causes a sort of epidemic by saturation/excess, on the other […]

BadgeCulture: experiencia focus groups

Autor: Jordi Moretón Galí El proyecto BadgeCulture tiene por objetivo motivar la participación ciudadana en actividades turístico‐culturales a través de un sistema de acreditación gamificada. El reto para el sector es la dificultad para captar nuevos visitantes del sector del turismo cultural, averiguar cuáles son los elementos que motiven a los usuarios a visitar esta aplicación […]

BadgeRank and BadgeScore: OpenBadges value

    Author: Jordi Moretón Galí Idea and Review: Flavio Escribano Spanish Version / Versión en Castellano Download Recently, and following the kickoff of BadgeCulture project, we asked ourselves: ¿what’s an OpenBadge worth? That stroke us as a relevant question, since an OpenBadge is usually linked to educational content, and this is a field being greatly disrupted […]

Microcredenciales, badges y Mozilla Open Badges

    Autor: Jordi Moretón En 2013, GeCon obtuvo un contrato para participar en el proyecto BadgeCulture, una iniciativa de Compartia y Marinva apoyada por el Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo del Gobierno de España, a través de la convocatoria de ayudas Acción Estratégica Economía y Sociedad Digital (AEESD). El núcleo del proyecto trata sobre la […]