Dr. Flavio Escribano.

Gamification Research Team Leader


Flavio is PhD by the Complutense University of Madrid in Learning for Innovation using Videogames. He has more than 14 years of experience as researcher and entreperneur in the field of games and videogames. He has also collaborated with international organizations in a huge variety of projects such as analyzing european videogames market or the use of videogames for social and labor inclusion with the JRC of the European Commision or as keynote speaker in brazilian SBGames Simposium. In the role of entreperneur he was chief of development of some very sucessful advergaming projects for very popular DIAGEO brands like J&B and Johnnie Walker.

Flavio has written a huge number or papers and articles about gamification, one of them was in early 2011 thanks to a collaboration with prestigious Routledge publishing.
Actually he is research team manager in where continues his research in how to apply gamification for behavior change and motivation stimulation in the fields of tourism, learning, pharma and human resources among others. His team has been awarded several times with research grants by the spanish ministeries of Economy and Industry.
He is also an ultra-player of any complex turn-based growing and civilization-style games even though he recognizes has found beauty in minimalist indie games as Hundreds, Edge, FTL … or in the strange gameplay and soundtrack of Sword & Sworcery.

Twitter: @Ludictador


Sergio Alloza.


Neuro-psychologist gamification researcher

Sergio is a psychologist by the University of Barcelona specialized in videogame´s psychology. As a coach, researcher and game designer, he uses psychology to motivate and improve the user´s experience in videogames or gamification projects.

In the role of entrepreneur he is chief of a Game Designer and User Experience consultancy, called Psycogaming. Sergio has written also a lot of articles about video games and psychology, published on some of the most important and viewed video game and psychology webs & blogs.

At present he is part of the research team in where day by day is trying to get a better understanding of human brain and behavior, related with motivation and joy, with the objective to improve the users life´s quality through gamification.

He is, of course, a native gamer, who loves playing social and rol games, and he is interested on how the video games may change the traditional way to communicate with people and meeting each other, as well as how the video games can modify and train some brain functions.

Twitter: @PsycGamer



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