Housing+ project. Bridging the Gap in Housing Studies

Author: Sergio AllozaReviewed by: Dr. Flavio Escribano Spanish Version: Download here (bajar aquí) Introduction We present here the content and structure of the new international training project, Housing+, in the housing sector and the real estate field, with a start date in September 2020 and with a duration of 36 months, ending in August 2023. […]

Psychology & Game Design

Players’ Skills Data Driven Game Design Authors: Sergio Alloza & Dr. Flavio Escribano Spanish Version: Download here (bajar aquí) Introduction A few months ago we published an article about the Soft Skills Games Workshop at 3DWire. Thanks to the market interests and the need to expand and divulge the knowledge about our project we decided […]

Skilla eLearning about SoftSkillsGames research project

Published with permission from Matteo Uggeri. Author: Matteo Uggeri Translation: Dr. Flavio Escribano Edition: Sergio Alloza Original version: Spanish Version: Download here (bajar aquí) I say you the bestest. Lean in for a big kiss put his favorite perfume on Go play your video game It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you (Lana Del […]

Goal Setting & Organizational Skills in Anomaly games

Authors: Sergio Alloza Reviewed by: Dr. Flavio Escribano Spanish Version: Download here (bajar aquí) Introduction Here we are with another deep analysis of commercial video games mechanics to unravel their mysteries and relationships with soft skills. This time the Anomaly video game saga (11Bit Studios) is the target, a series of 2011-2014 real-time strategy video […]

Improving Complex Problem Solving with (supercute) Botanicula game and xBadges

Author: Dr. Flavio Escribano >> @ludictador Reviewed by: Sergio Alloza Castillo >> @PsycGamer Spanish Version: Download here (bajar aquí) This article speaks about the extended development of our methodology to identify and to train Soft Skills through commercial video games. This detailed methodology comes from bibliography analysis about the difficulties not only to measure but also to […]

Improve your soft skills playing Counter Strike video game

Author: Sergio Alloza Castillo >> @PsycGamer Reviewed by: Dr. Flavio Escribano >> @ludictador Spanish version / Versión en castellano: Descargar Introduction In this blog we use to talk about the influences of video games in our everyday life. Specifically, lately we have been focusing on the relationship between video games and soft skills. In fact, in one […]