Game Transfer Phenomena [Video Interview]

Transfer phenomena between the video game and the analog world. HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Author: Dr. Flavio Escribano Spanish Version: Download here (bajar aquĆ­) On May 28 we had the pleasure of holding a webinar with Dra. AngĆ©lica Ortiz de Gortari, professor from the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Bergen. She told […]

Skilla eLearning about SoftSkillsGames research project

Published with permission from Matteo Uggeri. Author: Matteo Uggeri Translation: Dr. Flavio Escribano Edition: Sergio Alloza Original version: Spanish Version: Download here (bajar aquĆ­) I say you the bestest. Lean in for a big kiss put his favorite perfume on Go play your video game It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you (Lana Del […]

Relationship between video game genres and soft skills

Authors: AndrĆ©s F. Santos,Ā Sergio AllozaĀ & Dr. Flavio Escribano Spanish Version: Download here (bajar aquĆ­) Intro In our efforts to go deeper into the topic about the relationship between the use of commercial video games and the development of Soft Skills (those qualities so desirable for workers as cognitive flexibility, communication or stress management, among many […]

Improving Complex Problem Solving with (supercute) Botanicula game and xBadges

Author: Dr. Flavio Escribano >> @ludictador Reviewed by:Ā Sergio Alloza CastilloĀ >> @PsycGamer Spanish Version: Download here (bajar aquĆ­) This article speaks about the extended development of our methodology to identify and to train Soft Skills through commercial video games. This detailed methodology comes from bibliography analysis about the difficulties not only to measure but also to […]

Research & Innovation Experience in BadgeCulture

Spanish version here In 2013, was contracted by Compartia to participate in Badgeculture innovation project, an initiative in which Marinva also has participated, supported by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of the Spanish Government through the AcciĆ³n EstratĆ©gica EconomĆ­a y Sociedad Digital (AEESD) funding programme. Itā€™s important to highlight that the objective […]

An example of an event’s gamification with Line@ app

Author Dr. Flavio Escribano > @ludictador Spanish Version here Download the Full Report here Introduction On April 23th, we participated on the INNGames 2015 videogames festival to test a very innovative system called LINE@ in order to research gamification experiences with this app. The challenge consisted of gamifying one event’s workshop attended by very active […]

Will Open Badges help to map the human knowledge?

Author: Dr. Flavio EscribanoĀ >> @ludictador Spanish Version / VersiĆ³n en Castellano Download *This conceptĀ was presented on theĀ Open Badges Community Project Call, October 8, 2014. Slides availableĀ here.Ā  Atomization and Fragmentation is one of the most common problems in Badge usage. On one hand because it causes a sort of epidemic by saturation/excess, on the other hand […]