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We offer our expertise in two ways: as a Research Services Provider is a non-profit private foundation that offers Gamification Applied Research Services in many sectors. We are specialized in the creative development of innovative ideas for submission to national and international funding calls, project definition and management and product design. To do this we follow a methodological framework easily adaptable to the conditions specifically set by our partners and / or customers:

  1. Identification of Innovation Opportunities in the Market
    • Thanks to the findings of our ongoing process of Technology Observatory and the creative abilities of our scientific-technical team we identify opportunities for innovation in the market.
    • Such innovations are captures in standardized documents (RDi Briefing) in which key features are reflected: goals of the idea implementation, state of the art, concept and functionality of the proposal, market considerations, etc.
  2. Research Plan
    • Once the RDi Briefing is positively evaluated we set an innovation development plan with review milestones, implementation and testing. This schedule reflects the requirements to develop the RDi Briefing ideas and are related to the launch of a derivative product or service on the market.
  3. Collaboration in Work Packages and Deliverables
    • es also conducts applied research tasks as an outsourced organization such as deliverable writing or any assistance in implementation of deliverables in both national and international projects.
  4. Implementation and Monitoring
    • Finally, after conducting the research -whether through a Research Plan or as a deliverable collaboration – research results are presented for the final execution of the project. This includes overseeing the development of pre-competitive prototype and / or MVP as well as monitoring and evaluation of the level of innovation implemented in it.

R+D Methodology at research services and project partner as a Project Partner has participated in the elaboration and submission of research consortia project proposals to RDi funding calls (public & private) as leader or partner. Within our capabilities and methodologies to use, we highlight:

  1. Project proposal coordination and writing
    • Once funding opportunities are identified tasks such as the proposal writing and other documentation requirements are coordinated. This requires a structured process coordinated with other partners as well as with other areas or fields of expertise (commercial, financial, strategic, etc.).
  2. Work packages coordination and deliverables execution
    • Once the project gets funding coordination of work packages is coordinated as well as the systematic execution of deliverables within the previously negotiated time schedules.
  3. Evaluation of Results
    • Results are evaluated according to strategic and market criteria of each of the consortia members. Our main interest is that research results are applicable to the innovation processes of the partners as well as in the development of new product lines and differential services thanks to a higher added value (applied research).


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