Gamification: Evidence on its Effectiveness After the Hype

    Author: Jordi Moretón Galí >> @jordimgali Spanish Version / Versión en Castellano: Descarga The hype that surrounded Gamification visually materialized in 2011 when it appeared for the first time in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. In 2013 was already in the Peak of Inflated Expectations zone and this year 2014 it’s in the Trough of […]

Eros & Thanatos. Some other gamification profiles

    Author: Flavio Escribano >> @ludictador Spanish Version / Versión en Castellano: Descarga “At the time when the Eros and the Thanatos meet each other a new sexuality dimension awakens inside the subject who -at the limit act of death- finds the key to the profound and absolute experience of desire” (González-Molina, 2013: p22) In gamification […]

3DWire 2014: Gamification Results

Authors: Flavio Escribano >> @ludictador and Jordi Moretón Galí >> @jordimgali Spanish Version / Versión en Castellano: Descarga Introduction In September 2014 GECON.ES received a request from Paramotion Films to gamify 3DWire event. We have published a report which we summarize below. The following are the download links to the infographic summary of the presentation and to the Gamification Global […]

Game Over and Gamification

    Author: Jordi Moretón Galí >> @jordimgali Revision: Flavio Escribano >> @ludictador Spanish Version / Versión en Castellano: Descarga A few months ago and during a game design session we got to the point where we should define what would happen if the player did not solve the proposed challenge. The responses were diverse, among them […]

Will Open Badges help to map the human knowledge?

Author: Dr. Flavio Escribano >> @ludictador Spanish Version / Versión en Castellano Download *This concept was presented on the Open Badges Community Project Call, October 8, 2014. Slides available here.  Atomization and Fragmentation is one of the most common problems in Badge usage. On one hand because it causes a sort of epidemic by saturation/excess, on the other hand […]

Stop the Clock! Time in Games and Gamification

Author: Jordi Moretón Galí Spanish Version / Versión en Castellano: Descarga Stop the clock! Time in games This is the first in a series of posts “Arcade Room” in which, inspired by classic video games, we will review gamification mechanics and other fundamental game elements, in this case the time. A few days ago we […]

Gamification versus Ludictatorship

Autor: Flavio Escribano >> @ludictador *Download in PDF format here **For a Spanish version of this article click here (not just the same article). ***Despite of this article missed the cut for Rethinking Gamification I’d like to thanks to all the edited book staff for their assistance and corrections. Abstract Since 2011 gamification has been bound to definitions […]

Reseña Barcelona Citizen Science Day

Autores: Jordi Moretón y Dr. Flavio Escribano [Google+] Como esto de innovar no trata solamente de hincar los codos, leer papers y redactar documentos uno tras otro y requiere un poco de inspiración “presencial”, el pasado día 11 acudimos a las charlas que varios investigadores dieron en el Barcelona Citizen Science Day. Mark Nieuwenhujisen, del Centro de […]