Scarcity in video games and gamification

Author: Sergio Alloza Castillo聽>> @PsycGamer Reviewed by: Dr. Flavio Escribano >> @ludictador Spanish version / Versi贸n en castellano:聽Descargar Retrieving the theme of our previous article… Has anyone wondered why legendary Pok茅mons are so valuable? If you know something about Pok茅mon you will know that they are not legendary only by their statistics, their form or […]

Lessons from Pokemon GO 2016 success through game design reverse engineering

Autor:聽Dr. Flavio Escribano >> @ludictador Revision:聽Sergio Alloza Castillo聽>> @PsycGamer Spanish Version here: POKEMON_GO.pdf Intro Pokemon Pokemon is a very sucesfull game, specially for gamers who usually enjoy Nintendo handsets. All these creatures have been one of the favourite plagues inside the japanese machines and we call them ‘a plague’ because ,despite some pokemons are very […]

Gamification Model Canvas Framework. Evolution. Part 2/2

Authors: Dr. Flavio Escribano聽>>聽@ludictador Jordi Moret贸n Gal铆聽>>聽@jordimgali Spanish version / Versi贸n en castellano:聽Descargar This is the second part of the article about our research on the evolution of the Gamification Model Canvas framework (GMC) by Sergio Jim茅nez. On the previous post -that you can read here– motivation theories and behavior change models were reviewed in […]

3DWire 2015: Gamification Results

Authors:聽Dr. Flavio Escribano聽>>聽@ludictador聽&聽Jordi Moret贸n Gal铆聽>>聽@jordimgali Spanish version / Versi贸n en castellano: Descarga Gamifying 3DWire 3DWire is an annual event for animation and digital audiovisual production (New Media, ICT and Videogames) held in Segovia (Spain) that brings together lots of professionals, both national and international. The creator and organizer of the event is Paramotion Films, a […]