Project span: 2021 – 2023

In this European project collaborates with several Universities along Europe (specifically Universidad Rovira i Virgili, University of InnsbruckVrije Universiteit Amsterdam) in order to promote and enhance entrepreneurship and open science soft skills in the students of doctoral programs.

To do this, VERSA will provide several training modules for 2 years training, specific to different soft skills with the use of commercial video games and the use of one of our projects listed below:

Through the use of video games the PhD students will have the opportunity to play some hours between 2-3 months per module, along with completing some standarized tests and do a coaching session in order to generate more data to enrich the evaluation process.

* VERSA is an innovative education project born from an Horizon 2020 Framework Programme: SwafS-08-2019-2020 Science with and for Society. Project focused on Research innovation needs & skills training in PhD programmes as a CSA Coordination and support action.